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If you have long term pain issues then SCENAR Therapy may be right for you!
SCENAR is an acronym for Self Controlled Electro Neuro Adaptive Regulation. It is a Russian invention, meant to be used in space for the health of their cosmonauts. Perestroika arrived before the unit was completed and it was ‘declassified’ in the late 80′s.

European media has dubbed it the ‘Star Trek’ device. It looks like a T.V. remote and is run by an internal computer. SCENAR is a medical device used by many European hospitals. Open Windows 2 Wellness uses the only such device recognized by Health Canada since 2006.

A gentle current is sent into the nervous system and, through a series of checks and balances, ‘dialogues’ with your nerves and brain. This cause the release of neuropeptides to naturally help your pain to subside. Studies show that this form of pain management is 80% effective.

A series of 5 appointments, 48 hours apart, will show the effect very quickly. Frozen shoulder, back pain, muscle and joint pain…

Feel that different that SCENAR makes!