Design your fountain of youth via our Newest Anti-Aging Service!

-Thermal Radio Frequency FaceLIFT
-Strengthens & builds collagen
-Tightens & tones the skin
-Lifts the eyebrow & cheeks
-Tightens neck and jowls
-How it works

Thermal Radio Frequency originated as a technology used in pain management. Imagine their surprise in finding it tightened and toned the skin, lifting and contouring the face! It still works well for pain but special equipment has been designed with specific probes for both facial and body applications. Yes, even an abdomen may be tightened, and buttocks lifted.

Radio waves are sent into the dermal layer of the skin, gently and safely heating the tissue by 4-5C. This has a dual impact. First, aging collagen which presents as limp strands (think–cooked spaghetti) tightens and firms. This gives our immediately visable results of supported skin. Second, the dermis builds a thin layer of collagen. Each successive visit builds re-firms and strengthens existing collagen, and helps the body build another layer, strengthening the toned appearance of the face. Since each layer is in a different ‘stage’ of its life span, maintenance is simple–usually once every three months once you arrive at your goal.

Until Thermal Radiofrequency, nothing has been non-invasively available to support collagen building, lost due to decreasing estrogen levels in both men and women. Nothing can replace your estrogen levels, but Thermal radio frequency can help with collagen!

Comparison with Microcurrent
Microcurrent is a wonderful tool that impacts the muscles beneath the skin. It can tighten existing collagen but is not comparatively useful for building collagen. For advanced signs of aging, radio frequency and microcurrent can be used together as a dual approach to restore lost muscle tone and rebuild lost collagen. This office also uses microcurrent therapy for this purpose in a separate service option. We start with collagen, especially for preventative measures.

Everyone at 35 begins to experience decreasing levels of estrogen. Forty is not too young to start maintaining what you have, and building new layers of support! The younger you are, the faster you respond. The further down the aging pathway you find yourself when you start, the more sessions are necessary and possibly 2 or more therapies may be useful to ‘turn back the clock’. At that point microcurrent may be a necessary support tool.

Call 519-754-8759 for your assessment consultation, and we will help you determine how much support you may need for your unique situation. Assessment consultations are $30, which can attributed against your first package purchase.