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Back when my oldest son was 12, a chiropractor told me about someone who helped him with his allergies. This was BEFORE regulation. Health Canada has moved to regulate natural health and has now told us that if you aren’t part of the medical profession, you can’t use words like allergies. We now have to say intolerances and sensitivities, but…

Back Then it was still ‘ok’ to say allergies. My oldest son had allergies. We went to see someone who was (back then) a Registered Holisitic Allergist –NOW Registered Bioenergetics Practitioner. This gentleman, in one session using an acupuncture electro stimulator type of device, help my son ‘re-balance’ himself (yeah, did I tell you we aren’t allowed to use the word ‘cure’ or ‘treat’ either?) to his cat reactions. Seriously. The next day he could play with kittens and had no reactions –I’m talking about hives, eyes swollen shut & a puffer—all gone. Nothing happening. So hey presto, I’ll give you one guess what I did. Yes, I started working towards training to be a (then) Registered Holistic Allergist (RHA). Within a few short years they changed the designation to Registered Bioenergetics Practitioner (R.BIE), something that chagrinned me as I already had that designation through another training, just different ‘letters’—BEP—and in 2006 I opened my own clinic, Open Windows 2 Wellness, Allergy, Acupuncture & Anti-Aging Clinic.

Can I share some stories with you? Some normal, some unusual, ok?

Cat Allergy Reactions—aka ‘Can you Save my Marriage’:

You already know my son’s ‘cat allergy’ story. Are you game for another? A client brought in her 4-year-old son and said, hey you have to save my marriage. (Just imagine my face here.) My older son plays T ball and the younger here thinks he should follow in big brother’s footsteps.

The issue is that younger son is allergic to everything out there come early spring…every pollen going…needs a puffer or can barely breathe. And by the way, he has an epi pen for cat reactions. My take on life threatening reactions is if possible you don’t start working with them on day 1. I want the client to be able to see the difference and I can’t ethically expect anyone to test a life threatening reaction, of course! We embarked on ‘save the marriage’ project. She had already paid to put both boys into T ball and wanted me to ‘make it happen’ for her. We worked very much out of the box with her due to her situation and 2.5 months later, her son was in T ball.

So now I want you to imagine the father here—the other half of the marriage. He realizes his son is better (not perfect…we still had summer-fall pollens to work with, and yes, cat reactions), and so the phone rang…and hey presto, another client. Yes, he had pollen reactions too, and he made me laugh. His first words were, ‘can you save my marriage—and my job’…this must be a joke between them! Apparently they had set their wedding date around his allergies so he wouldn’t be a bear during his reaction season, and it was around the corner.

The interesting thing about this client was that he didn’t respond as well as his son…yes, he was better—much better…but there was this something elusive that wouldn’t let us progress the same way. I was baffled. We screened shrubs, we screened blooming summer flowers (you see, most people, it’s just grasses and weeds in the summer, but that didn’t cut it for this gentleman). It was the blooming summer flowers that did it. My computer software had a wee glitch in it. It would put 2 scans together by accident, only with this list. I knew that, but wanted the information, so we were ok with a longer scan. Guess what this list was? Fabric and Fiber Contactants-- and that included facial tissue. Guess what people have their face into all summer with grass and weed reactions? FACIAL TISSUE…bingo! There was the solution!

The moral of the story is, yes, we do have to know WHAT the trigger is! It’s not a magic wand—we work with, and you can see how tree pollen reactions could cross-react with trees, as in ‘wood’. Even wood ash and smoke from a fire pit….and…(drum roll please)….marriage saved! They didn’t even need counselling!

The second moral to the story is, this isn’t just for food items! It works for pet dander as well.

Cold Reactions:

A female client had a reaction to cold…and had an epi pen for it! Yes, if she drank ice water or ate ice cream, her throat closed. I’m sure you’ve heard of heat rashes…this was a reaction to cold. Interesting. I had never worked with this one before so thought this would be fun. Heat and sun, yes, but not cold. If she stepped out the door to go to work in a Canadian winter, she’d break out in hives, and had since a small child. If she swam in a river or lake in Canada that was below a certain temperature, she’d pass out. Ok, now you’ve heard it all, right? No, I have more stories…wait till you hear the one about the woman who reacted to her husband’s saliva…but I’m getting ahead of myself here.

So I asked this woman, why haven’t you moved to a warmer climate yet? Her response? I react to air conditioned cold air in the summer! Okay, now this was getting really odd. Her body self-regulated to protect her. Remember, a reaction is when the body doesn’t know how to correctly respond to something…like a glitch in your DNA programming—so here the body realized that summer was different and changed the rules!

The good part was that we didn’t have to work with air conditioned air…much to the chagrin of my bank account (just kidding). What we were dealing with here was too large of a change in temperature. Not the degree of cold temperature. You see, some people react to a specific temperature range. If they shower, for instance, and the shower gets to a certain heat level, they react. For my client, it wasn’t the temperature, it was the degree of change. Because of that, I knew we probably wouldn’t need to work with summer issues…the body would figure it out and self-regulate again—and that’s exactly what happened.

So I’m going to go a bit further with this story because this part is interesting, too.  How did she get diagnosed with this, and how on earth do we find out if something’s changed? The diagnosis: her allergist MD just placed an ice cube on her arm and she reacted with a hive the exact shape of the ice cube, and quite swollen. His response: Lady, if that happens in your throat, you have a problem, and gave her an epi pen. So we had the perfect way to test her without endangering her! She put an ice cub on her arm after the first session. She still got a hive, but it wasn’t itchy…no itch at all. When she walked out the door in winter, hives, but no itch. Second session needed. Yes, occasionally a second session is needed, and most certain 1-4 session for something that may be life-threatening. No surprise there, I’m sure! Okay, now I’m going to skip to the end of the story—she no longer gets hives and can now eat ice cream and ice water. It took a while…several sessions dealing with elements from all angles of the problem, but we arrived!

I’d love to hear from you to see if you have an unusual issue. Your body just wants to learn how to protect you properly…that’s encoded right into you DNA. Want to try? is the email for when you realize you need to book an appointment!

The moral of this story is that just because it sounds odd doesn’t mean our process can’t help your body ‘reboot’ its programmed response pattern. Your body can change…your body can heal itself. It just needs the correct information to do so. Laser frequency can introduce the right resonances to help it make those corrections…your body is programmed to heal if you give it what it needs to do so!

2-year-old with dairy, egg, cheese reactions:

A mother brought in her 2 year old son. At this age, they can’t really tell you what makes them hurt. Basically they had a list of 5 foods they knew he got massive cramps from—knees to chest, fetal position and crying with pain, and all to common foods that are hard to avoid. (Oh, remind me to tell you about the 6 month old that projectile vomited when mommy ate pizza with mozzarella cheese on it, then nursed him!! Excellent story!)

Working with children is different. I love love love it—when you make a difference there, you know it will have a lifelong effect. My goodness! What they are being protected from, and they will never know. Only Mom and Dad know. So here’s the thing: when a child has food reactions, regardless of the scope of it, realize that the nutrients they are missing out on mean they can’t make organ cells properly. They will be made to the ‘wrong building code’ (hey, hubby is a contractor, so that’s where my analogy comes from) right from the start. By default, they will be weaker just because the correct building blocks aren’t present in the right amount.

With sensitivities and intolerances, it does not mean you can’t get any of the nutrient. It means that your body is inefficient at breaking it down. This has strong repercussions if you think it through. Every time you have to take a supplement from your health food store or from you ND, it means your body is one of 2 things—deficient or inefficient. Deficient means not enough and has a possible 2 causes. First, bad diet. Second, a system that is not functioning up to par, leading up to a buildup of matter that does not fit a receptor site in the body. This means it’s now a waste product. You are warm and wet inside, hence anything improperly digested now rots. When you react and have no clue, no rhyme or reason to the reaction it is often a buildup of improperly digested food molecules. I can explain that in my office when you book—it’s too much to go into here. BLE works with systemic imbalances as well—and often there is a mixture…you have true reaction and systemic dysfunction as well. Those are some of the things we figure out in the first 3 appointments or so…now back to my story.

I knew from experience that if I only followed the parents’ list of foods, I wouldn’t be very successful with them. Usually people only see that main items…and there are others, milder, in the background. I told them that I would do a full work up scan as it’s included in the first appointment, and then we’d go from there. Sure enough, there were other things, too. Of course, they didn’t believe me…why should they. They don’t know me, they aren’t familiar with the service…it has no credibility with them, right? They were willing to devote a specific number of appointments to deal with what they knew so we started there. Two months later (4 appointments) and they said, okay, he is not drawing his knees to his chest, crying in pain anymore. What you did worked, so let’s work through the rest. I had my credibility, and now they brought in their other kids—and the parents checked out themselves, too. Awesome, but it doesn’t end there.

You see, this boy was a busy boy, didn’t like to eat, a picky eater. So let me get right in your face and tell you right now, there is no such thing as a picky eater…they have intolerances—reactions, and they are so used to it they don’t know it’s not normal. If their tummy hurts (at 2yo), they leave the table. They don’t know that isn’t normal. It is their normal! They just think you leave when you hurt, too. That is their only context. They don’t know to tell you because to them it’s normal. So let’s shorten up the story and just say that a few months later there was a family reunion and grandma got all excited because the boy was eating normally. He had his appetite and stayed at the table. The parents came in confused…they hadn’t even noticed the change! Over time, the intolerances were decreased, and the child ate as all children should eat—and the parents felt bad they hadn’t noticed. Let me ask you—do you think I had some credibility now? If you know a ‘picky eater’ child, please forward them a link to this page so they can learn about this, too

Projectile-vomit Baby Story:

I know, I know…gross, right? Deal with it—it’s still a cool story! This mother brought in her 6 month old son with reactions to several items but the most notable was after she ate pizza and then nursed him…projectile vomit. She said he had ruined the couch, the carpet and a few other things. Within a week of the first session this baby no longer projectile vomited after she ingested pizza. So now you know something else about BIE…it even helps baby bodies regulate themselves! I should just add that with babies, we don’t use the regular acupuncture points. Their bodies are so small it doesn’t take much at all to make a change. So I have a gentle method that makes it fun—a game—for them. In Chinese medicine, we would say they are very Yang…that means high energy…lots happening inside of them. Their bodies grow so fast the first year! That is their high energy. From the time of conception to the first couple of years of their life, their growth is sooo incredibly exponential, (aka yang), we just need to direct that momentum and their body just takes over and heals itself! Pretty awesome stuff when you work with how the body works.

Ok ONE more story…I have many, but this one shares the opposite end of the spectrum…how old can we go? We see how young, now let’s see how old.

Calcium intolerance = Bone density issues???

A dear sweet 70+ woman met me at a health show in Kitchener. My grandmother had just passed recently, and I’m of German decent, so this woman reminded me Soo much of my grandmother! Same accent—it was so incredibly sweet to me. Her concern was 2-fold. First a reaction to dairy, and second a concern for her bones…her words.

Now I was in a bit of a quandary. Bones—bone density issues don’t cause pain until you break something…and then its associated with the break, not the bone density—following me? So I really didn’t want to make that a focus at the beginning as – how do I ask her to test that? We began with the dairy. When I work with helping the body regulate its dairy reactions we have to work with several angles…you can have lactose reactions, or dairy protein reactions…those are the main ones…but this one was different as we were soon to find out!

After the first session, this dear sweetheart called me the next day. I was with a client but saw it was her number, so felt obligated to take the call in case she had follow up questions. Her first words were, Esther! I get it…I get what you do!. Ok…I was a bit taken aback, didn’t know how to respond to that, so I said, Good! So glad to hear! Her response was, No, I mean I get it! I really get it. Obviously I wasn’t getting her message, but I just responded with, Good, glad to hear…again—NO, she said, I mean, this morning I didn’t have my usually constipation with my calcium capsule. Now I responded, Whoa, what? You take calcium—for what? Apparently her concern for her bones was a diagnosed condition of osteoporosis…so now I know to ask more questions!  This dear lady realized that her bone density issues were related to a calcium intolerance! She was taking a special script version of it for her bones, and apparently was intolerant to it. Since milk is a recognized source of calcium (3 types, actually), and she was taking ONE of them, she realized why she had her bone density issue. She put it together! I have very few clients who make those connections so quickly!

Moral of this story? In my opinion, every condition known to man is related to some sort of food intolerance. It stands to reason that if you can digest and absorb all your nutrients, your cells should make themselves correctly. Other than trauma and aging wear and tear, we should remake our cells correctly—to the correct DNA building code, so to speak. If we aren’t then something is going on—and that’s where BioLaser Reset™ comes into the picture. BioLaser Intolerance Elimination supports the supports the body’s ability to fix itself, to heal, to reprogram itself.

Now it’s your turn. Have you heard enough to decide whether this will be your time? Your turn?

If you have more questions, please call 519-754-8759 to book a free 15-minute consult. We will need you to send an email to us explaining one of your main issues. Obviously in 15 minutes we can’t cover every concern you might have. We will answer your questions pertaining to that one item (or category), and then you can decide if we would be a good fit for you!

One more thing—my son’s story. He is now 29, and just needed his first ‘re-touch’ last fall (2015), so this has some pretty long term possibilities! How much would his medication have cost us during that time? Thousands, I’m sure, as his initial session occurred when he was 12. Is everyone that lucky? Some people never need retouches, rarely every 5 years or so, and each time the refrain has been, oh, it’s not nearly as bad as it was when I first came for a session, but I know I could be totally clear of it.

I look forward to the chance to make this YOUR story, too! Maybe one day you will be added here as well! Want to accept that opportunity?

In health,

Esther Shelley
MBE, BEP, BET, Owner, Lead Practitioner, Registered Acupuncturist Acupuncturist (TCM)

Owner, Practitioner, Acupuncturist