Applied Kinesiology (Muscle Response Analysis)
North American Iridology
European Iridology



Purchased the Orion (a high end CEDS device from Star Tech Health Services in Utah)
Trained privately with Bonnie Tartierre of Albany NY
Trained with Bill Clark, Star Tech Health Manager, Oakville, ON
Institute of Quantum and Molecular Medicine, Orlando, Fla. Drs. Daniel Clark ND, MD, and Konrad Kail ND, MD Level 1 & 2 Certification in Electro Dermal Screening (CEDS)

Academy of BioEnergetics, Springfield, Missouri, Drs. Zenia Richler ND, DBE & Jan Booth ND, DBE
Designated BioEnergetic Technician/Practitioner (BET & BEP)
Enzyme Therapy with Transformation Enzyme Corporation, Houston, Texas, Dr. Diqie Fuller-Moody
Constitutional Iridology with Diane Elms, Ancastor, ON, Level 1 & 2



Private Advanced Training in St. Paul’s, Minnesota with Margaret (Peg) Bauwens, premiere trainer with Star Tech Health Services, and Practitioner in St. Paul’s, Minnesota
Institute of Natural Health Technologies – earned my Registered Holistic Allergist designation and practiced as such until 2012 when Health Canada changed the word ‘allergy’ into a medical term only to be used by doctors.
Scenar Therapy Training with Dr. John Hache of BC, in Boca Rattan, Florida
Academy of BioEnergetics, Dr. Zenia Richler ND,DBE
Completed Masters in BioEnergetics.
Completed SAF Stress Coach designation.
Completed Certified Biofeedback Specialist designation requirements.
Scenar Level 2 with Dr. Irina Kossovskaia, Russian MD, ND, now in Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON
Worked at the Natural Health Centre on Norfolk St. March-August 2006
September: Opened an Allergy and BioEnergetics Centre at 47 Robinson St., Simcoe, ON called OPEN WINDOWS 2 WELLNESS
Please see updated information on BIE below, under year 2020.



SCENAR Facial Rejuvination with Dr. John Hache of Sydney, B.C.
Certified Natural Health Professional Course completed, Indianapolis, USA

2008 & 2009

Advanced CEDS training, Orem, Utah
Yearly recertification requirements



CAHP – Certified Acupuncture Health Professional Training at College of International Holistic Studies. Completed Training December 2010, graduating with honors, completed dissertation March 2011, full licensure qualifications completed May 2011, CAHP licence #2578
November: Richmond, VA for training in Auricular Therapy, recertification for CNHP (Certified Natural Health Professional)

March: Purchased an Asyra Pro Bioenergetics Screening device
May: Contemporary Cupping Therapy Course (International Cupping Therapy Association)
November: Shadowed Dr. John Lubecki, DC, California, private training in Detoxification Therapies per the Lubecki Protocol (private training)



March: Asyra Navigator Training, Atlanta Georgia (, Scott & Denisa Fenton
March: Health Canada has changed the RhA (Registered Holistic Allergist) designation to R.BIE (Registered Bioenergetics Practitioner)
April: Purchased a Lipo Laser for Inch Loss device, a new service for OW2W (Open Windows 2 Wellness)
June: Asyra Training, Newburgh, NY, with Scott & Denisa Fention; Dr. Robert Cass of Academy of International Bioenergetic Sciences/Physica Energetics
June: Recertification for Holistic Allergist NOW known as Registered Bioenergetics Practitioner (R.BIE)



The province of Ontario regulated acupuncture as of April 1, 2013, grandfathering in all acupuncturists that complied with their mandate. Everyone has 5 years to comply with further requirements to move from grandfathering to General Class.


2014 -2016

Completed courses with the Toronto School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the premiere private university that represents Chinese medicine in Ontario to support my compliance with the expectations of the province of Ontario.
Opened Brantford Acupuncture Clinic in compliance with government expectations, operating on the same premises as Open Windows 2 Wellness
Currently studying to complete the PLAR process required over the next 2 years for all acupuncturists in Ontario.
Education never stops! There are always Continuing Education Hour requirements, and then there’s learning for the joy of learning!


March – passed government regulatory exams (PLAR)
June – applied to move from Grand-parented Status to General Class
When this process is complete, all acupuncturists will be fully compliant
(myself included) with all the new standards reflected in the 2013
regulation of acupuncture. Everyone was given 5 years to come into
compliance, which falls on April 1st 2018. Yay! I completed this early!
(Can you say ‘relief’?)


In May 2019 I ended my association with the Institute of Natural Health Technologies and Robert Tomilson et. al. I now practice as a Bioenergetics Practitioner & Technician, and have a Masters in Bioenergetics. I now practitioner under the designation MBE, BEP, BET. Masters –Bioenergetics, Bioenergetic Practitioner; Bioenergetic Technician. The name of the service is now BioLaser Intolerance Elimination and the protocol is BioLaser Intolerance ReSet ™


August 2021
Moved our location to 72 Brant Ave, Suite 402, Brantford, ON, N3T 5Z8