We’re proud to introduce Scenar Cosmetology – Facial Rejuvenation Therapy High Tech Anti-Aging Solutions are now available!

The Method
Space-Age Russian Scenar Therapy uses electro-biofeedback principles to increase circulation and blood flow to the upper layers of the skin. Increased blood flow means increased oxygen, nutrition and hydration to skin cells, resulting in firmer, tighter skin, with a youthful glow. Soft Laser Therapy adds the winning touch.

The Result
Imagine yourself with softened laugh lines, forehead and eye tissue tightened and defined. Dream about fuller lips, firm chin lines and smoother neck.

The Protocol
Relax on our massage bed twice weekly while we pamper your skin, toning it to a higher elasticity. Many clients actually fall asleep while their skin basks in our care.

Five or seven week packages are available depending on your needs. Your first appointment is an intake assessment. Packages are discussed and appointments will be set up. Commitment to twice weekly visits are a must. Three times is better, but the number in the package doesn’t change. Your ‘new you date’ just arrives sooner.

No drugs, no surgery, no needles, no chemical injections, no painful, bruised recovery times, no hiding from friends while you hide the ‘evidence’…enough said?

After the second session, both my husband and my son commented on the difference. My husband noticed it on my chin and neck, my son on my face.

After the 3rd session, I noticed my eyelids were more defined. Lines above my lips softened, and my neck and shoulders appeared tighter.

“After my 5th session, I had the best compliment! I ran into an old friend who hadn’t seen me in a while, and I noticed her staring at my face as we talked. She studied me very closely…I think she was looking for signs of having had a surgical face-lift! She finally said, ‘Do you ever look good!’ I still have 4 visits left, and already I’m thrilled!” – K.S.,Oakville,ON

You’ll love the difference!