Biolaser ReSet™ Services


Biolaser Therapy for Allergies

Ancient Acupunture PLUS High Tech Laser: A winning east-meets-west combination for allergies!
What do you get when you marry ancient eastern medicine with western advances? A non-invasive modality, suitable for children, the needle-phobic, and anyone else!

Computerized Intolerance/Sensitivity Response Screening
Computerized biofeedback analysis via galvanic skin responses starts the whole process. Advanced software sends out specific frequencies that act as ‘stressors’. If the body finds the frequency stressful, autonomic responses via the acupuncture-meridian system are recorded, processed via internal algorithms, and results are tabulated.

A frequency-copy vial is made for hands-on biofeedback analysis for potential future trouble shooting. Overall polarity is assessed and then we move on the the Biolaser protocol.

The laser is used to move energy into the body, increase the speed of the meridian cycle, while the software generates the appropriate frequencies that help the body choose to reset its stress responses. The body does all the work with the information. Since the body’s DNA is programmed to heal, this modality fits smoothly with the body’s own programming. We are always repairing and rebuilding cellular structures, so by sending copies of specific energetic stressors through the body, it can make the choice to heal itself. We know the body is doing all the work because as practitioners, we cannot control how fast the body works to make a change. The change could take place within 24 hours or up to 4 weeks or more. The norm appears to be less than 2 weeks to allow the body to process and change its response patterns.

Clients have reported positive experiences with food stressors, dust, pollen, and mold stressors, chemical stressors such as perfumes, pollutants, and more. Our strangest experiences have been with a woman medically diagnosed with a life-threatening response to cold. We worked with her 3-4 sessions, and she no longer produced hives when going outdoors in the winter. This happened 3 years ago, and she is still fine. She has never been to the doctor to verify this medically, but against our advice she performed a challenge test using ice water and ice cream close to her throat and she came through just fine.

Results are not typical and may vary.

Another strange stressor was someone who reacted to her husband’s saliva (kissing) on the face. She produced eczema from human saliva, and also from animal saliva on her hand (dog). After using the BLE modality on this case, she reports that she is no longer presenting symptoms. That was also 3 years ago.

Results are not typical and may vary.