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BioLaser Intolerance EliminationN

BioLaser Intolerance Elimination is founded on the science of electricity and physics. It works with the electrical capacity of the body. Your cells make energy for their function. They get that from your food. Standard stuff, right? The ‘in depth’ part is that everything you eat actually creates a specific amount of energy measurable in short range of hertz, which is how herbs (supplements) work, too. As a science, Bioenergetics moves between electricity and physics. Electrical flow in a region is measured by our software system (computer), and we call that Bioresonance, or bioimpedance. Science lesson over for the day!
When you eat or inhale something, your body recognizes it on two levels. This is normal. You recognize your partner by their physical body (how they look) and the sound of their voice. You could say their ‘looks’ are their chemical presence, and their voice (sound) is electrical. Your voice (electrical presence) is so unique to you, that your voiceprint could be used identify you in a court of law. Your body is similar. Your body recognizes your food, (or your cat dander) by its chemical makeup and by its electrical frequency (sound frequency). Hertz can be translated into coherent light waves. That’s a fancy way of saying ‘laser’. Laser is one single color frequency. We use this coherent light wave (cold, which means no surgery, no cutting) to help your body reprogram its response patterns (your reaction). Your body literally understands and decodes the light wave so it knows what to do like it decodes your partner’s voice and tells you when they’ll be home from work.
The reprogramming takes 1-4 sessions in most cases. Your first few appointments with us will help us discover how quickly your body heals, and we’ll get more proficient at determining how many sessions a BioLaser ReSet™ will take. There is no way for us to be exact about that but we can ‘ballpark’ it. The coherent light waves are applied to acupuncture points which are literally the most electrically conductive points on the body (that’s what acupuncture points are – highly conductive areas). That means electrical influence is most acceptable and beneficial in those areas. The computer generates the frequency of the food trigger, pollen or animal trigger, and the BioLaser ReSet™ protocol is applied to various acupuncture points.
Since this is not chemically based, it is not considered a medical diagnosis. In fact, a weakness in frequency can show the beginning of a health issue long before there are chemical changes that result in symptoms. Diagnosis is not possible at that level, just the fact that an area is stressed or weak.
BioLaser Intolerance Elimination helps families who struggle with food reactions find freedom from their reactions by helping their own body modulate its own reactions!
BioLaser ReSet™ helps those struggling with pet dander reactions, chemical perfumes, cleaning supplies and environmental pollen reactions rebalance their body so their body can properly respond the way it’s supposed to.
Is it time for you to stop struggling with your gas and bloating? Your congestion, wheezing and skin irritations?
We invite you to book your free phone consult to see if you’re a good candidate for this protocol right now.


What is BioLaser Intolerance Elimination? It is computer driven laser technology that helps your body correct its own response pattern so your body essentially figures out how to heal itself! Just how cool is that!