- BioLaser Therapy
The philosophy behind our work is that any health condition by default has potential food stressor involvement. For instance, while osteoporosis is not usually considered an ‘allergic reaction’, it is not a stretch to see that if everyone in your family is eating together, and you are the only one with bone density issues, that your body may be stressed by foods containing high doses of minerals. The body systems involved with your condition may be healthy (digestive/eliminatory) so no overt response is seen. However, the bones are not being rebuilt to the degree that they should be, especially in comparison with other eating a similar shared diet. My personal opinion is that this may be indicative of a food stressor. Every health condition could be broken down this way.

Should you have an overt stress reaction to foods, etc, the following schema would be applied to your intake visit:

Intake Session: 1.5 – 2 hrs

- Please drink lots of water in preparation for your appointment!!
Multiple Computer Stress Response Screenings, eg. Food Stressors: General Food List (300 items), Enzymes & Probiotics
A printout is generated for your records, included with the visit
- BioLaser Therapy: Usually our first 2-3 visits are about validating our therapy for you. We want you to come back, so it is very important to us that you get satisfactory results as quickly as possible. Since we don’t know your body, how you respond, your wellness idiosyncracies (do you heal fast or slow, does your body manage the water you drink efficiently, etc), we don’t know how quickly your body will respond. The first few sessions are a learning adventure for both of us–on your side about the modality, on our side: about you. We often find within certain parameters that are initially covered, that people respond within 2-4 weeks. Your body rules this rate of healing.
$80 for Intake appt, including computerized screening and result handouts, plus $60 for BioLaser Therapy, total $140
Products (not included) are not always necessary
Followup: 45 min – 1.5 hrs

- Timing is dependant on whether more screening is necessary
Currently we charge a flat rate fee regardless of time involved for your budgeting convenience
Evaluate previous session, monitoring stress response changes
Continue working through previous screening results with BioLaser Therapy
Continued screening as necessary
Followup session $50 plus BioLaser $60, totalling $110
Asyra Wellness Scan
Prices the same as above prices, products always involved (minimum of 2)
Traditional Acupuncture
Intake $80/1 hr, Acupuncture $45/30 min
Scenar Pain Therapy
Intake $80/1 hr, Scenar $60/30 – 60 min. Usually 60 min at the beginning.
Scenar Electro-Face Lift
60 minutes of collagen promoting toning therapy per session, 12 session pkg, $700 (twice a week, 6 weeks); afterwards single sessions $75 each (maintenance once a week for 2 months, then once every 2 weeks for 2 months, then continued maintenance every 3 weeks for best results. We have attempted 4 weeks and not been happy with the results.)

- Dissolves fat out of the cells and the cells themselves! Our clients have four that there are measurable inches loss very quickly! This treatment is great for cellulite.

$50 a session during introductory clinical trials.