We do not support any claims of diagnosis, treatment, or elimination of allergies with BLE or BioLaser Therapy. This includes life-threatening reactions. We are NOT medical doctors.

Esther Shelley, CAHP, MBE, BEP does not diagnose. Responsibility for diagnosis and their outcomes lies with those who are trained to diagnose, namely medical practitioners. If you are concerned about a diagnosis, please check with your doctor. Doctors write scripts for toxic drugs with long lists of side affects, and a DIN number showing that its toxicity level have been tested to the point of knowing what dose brings death according to body weight. There is currently no regulation to cause doctors to test their patients for potential allergies before every script.

Isn’t it interesting that foods do not have DIN numbers? Even nuts and shrimp, as life-threatening as they are for a few people, do not have DIN numbers. (Can you imagine testing to see how many carrots you have to eat to cause death?)I congratulate every person who takes on the responsibilityfor their own health and wellness.

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