Why is acupuncture so effective?
When a needle penetrates the skin, it is crossing the immune system’s first line of defense, the skin barrier.

This alarms the immune system and causes it to send large amounts of white blood cells to the area to check for foreign invaders (toxins, bacteria) so that it is prepared to overcome any challengers.

Since the fine needles (about the diameter of a cat’s whisker) are sterile and disposable, there are no bacterial challengers. Due to the increased blood supply, all cells in the area of the needle are better nourished and oxygenated. This assists in faster healing and healthier cell structure than you started out with. This includes rejuvenation of aging and wrinkle activity in the area, too! There is also an endorphin release that helps calm any stress in the body, regardless of source.

Let Acupuncture help you get your life back! Get back on the golf course!

Cosmetic Acupuncture
Open Windows 2 Wellness combines Acupuncture and Scenar Therapy for amazing results!

Get back to Your Younger You!
“Esther, Scenar Cosmetology took me back 15 years in less than 6 weeks. It addresses the neck and upper chest/upper back region that no other program includes for overall shoulder, neck and facial toning. Talk about getting a top rate package! I’m so thrilled, you’ve got me as a client for life!”
– I. A., Kitchener, ON

Results are not typical and may vary.